Transform Soil Conditioner

A rich and high quality soil amendment for your lawn or garden

To create a rich growing bed for vegetables or flowers, apply and incorporate 0.25-0.5" of Transform's Soil Conditioner on your gardens. For lawns, apply no more than 1/4". Transform's Soil Conditioner contains an excellent blend of nutrients that can be used to produce a beautiful green lawn, bountiful harvest of fanastic vegetables, or long lasting flowers for a great display.

Transform's soil conditioner is now available in 20 L bags for $ 5 per bag. Limited supply in bulk may be available as well.

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Transform Soil Conditioner Characteristics (dry matter basis)

pH 7.6 Total N 2.7 %
Electrical Conductivity (dS/m) 5.9 P2O5 3.1 %
Organic Matter 75% K2O 2.6 %

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