Transform Turf Amender

Restore the health of your lawn, sportsfield or golf course and watch it grow

Applying Transform Turf Amender in spring provides the ideal growth stimulant for your lawn. It provides beneficial microbes that maintain the health of your grass, provides soil organic matter to improve soil drainage and aeration, as well as nutrients and micronutrients necessary for a healthy turf.

Apply 1/4" of Transform Turf Amender on your lawn in spring to remove thatch, organic matter, nutrients and healthy microbes. This product is also available blended with washed sand for specific applications.

Transform's turf amender is not available at this time. We are so sorry!

Transform Turf Amender Characteristics -no sand added (dry matter basis)

pH 7.3 Total N 1.5%
Electrical Conductivity (dS/m) 2.7 P2O5 1.1%
    K2O 2.1%
    Magnesium .0.85%

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