Transform Worm Castings

Naturally stimulate root growth to increase production

Transform Worm Castings (also called vermicompost) stimulate root growth, provide nutrition and supply beneficial microbes that give you more and better flowers and vegetables.

Apply Transform Worm Castings at a rate of 5 to 10% in your growing media or potting soil for faster growth and healthier plants. Transform Worm Castings are especially great for seedlings and root cuttings.

Transform Worm Castings are also great for making compost tea!

Here is some information on making compost tea at home. Using a specialized tea brewer is always better, but this will give you results.

Get the datasheet. Get the laboratory analysis from A&L Labs

Transform Worm Castings are currently available in 20 L reusable plastic bags. Price is $ 10 per 20 L. Please Contact us for availability and pickup.

These worm castings onsist of a blend of 50% OMRI approved food and yardwaste compost from the District of Mission, and 50% rotted separated dairy cattle solids. The OMRI approved compost was blended 50/50 with the rotted separated dairy solids in the fall of 2012, then placed in windrows on a concrete floor inside an older poultry barn. The windrows were seeded with worms, and left until the fall of 2013, when some harvesting of the worm compost occurred. Worm castings are screened with a 3/16 stainless steel mesh rotary screener.

We are working hard to develop and provide quality products that are safe and effective.

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