Garden Centres and Distributors

Providing the best in compost based products

If you are a Garden Centre or other retail facility interested in re-selling our products, we would be happy to talk to you about becoming a Transform Compost Products Distributor.

Tansform Plant Products manufactures high-quality compost-based products, the very thing that customers in today's environmentally concious world are looking to use. In many cases customers, landscapers and other users of our products find that having to drive out to our production facilities in Abbotsford is too much of an inconvenience - especially for amounts less than a truck load. They would rather go to a local garden center or other retail supplier that is closer to home - and that could be you.

Our current re-sellers have already found that Transform Compost Products sell quickly due to their high quality, organic nature and incredible results. You too can increase your sales by being a Transform Compost Product Distributor.

So act now and give us a call for distributor pricing.

We are working hard to develop and provide quality products that are safe and effective.

You are welcome to ask us about our potential pathogen verification