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About Transform Compost Products

We provide compost-based products for the greenest lawns and turf, the best vegetables and most beautiful flowers – all without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

We wish to honor everyone who understands the vision and importance of healthy soil. Thank you all of our amazing customers who have appreciated working with our products.

Our composted products are animal manure based. Our soil conditioner is a composted blend of poultry and dairy manure compost, and our worm castings are produced from composted separated dairy cattle manure.

Our composted products meet the Canadian Organic Standard requirements and are accepted for certified organic growers in British Columbia.

We also sell red wriggler worms for your home composting bin.

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Why Transform Compost Products?

Years of Experience

We have been producing high quality composts from agricultural wastes for more than 20 years.

Clean Products

Our compost products are free of bits of garbage and plastic.

Competitive Pricing

We set our prices based on the value of our products.

Recycling agricultural nutrients and organic matter into quality compost products

Our Products

Soil Conditioner

A rich and high quality soil amendment for your lawn or garden.

*Nutrient rich compost now available in bulk bags

Worm Castings

Worm castings naturallystimulate root growth to increase production.


Healthy red wriggler worms for your home compost bin.

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