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Learn about soils and the benefit of compost

Feasibility of Using Compost for Raspberry Production over an Unconfined Aquifer

The Abbotsford Aquifer is an unconfined aquifer providing drinking water. Raspberry production over the aquifer has historically used raw poultry litter. Concerns about nitrate contamination of the aquifer, and the need for Good Agricultural Practices provides an opportunity to use compost to decrease the risk of nitrate contamination of the aquifer, provide compost for nutrients and to improve organic matter, and potentially decrease requirements for pesticides.

Brewing and Applying Compost Tea

Learn how to brew your own aerated compost tea using readily available supplies. Worm castings produce some of the best teas that provide foliar nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that increase disease resistance.

Healthy Soil Deters Chafer

Learn how a healthy soil that contains active organic matter and beneficial microorganisms can help resist the lawn damage resulting from European chafer.